Strange Love

Our friend Waylon is obsessed with McDonald’s on again, off again McRib sandwich. Yesterday I was looking for him and a co-worker offered, “I don’t know where he is.  I just mentioned that the McRib was back and he stood up and walked out the door.” I immediately knew where he was.

When I asked him what, exactly, is so great about the McRib his eyes glazed over and he challenged me: “Have you ever TASTED one?? It’s f%&*@n# AMAZING!!!” We should probably stage an intervention, ’cause he’s definitely “lovin’ it” a little too much. Anyhow, here’s Waylon’s McRib haiku:

Delicious fake pork

Barbecue sauce on my sleeve

Regret comes so fast

A man and his McRib (and yes ladies, he's single!)

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2 thoughts on “Strange Love

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