About Us

Meet the owner, David Basinger

The idea of a bakery and natural foods café first came to him 29 years ago when he was involved with an Outward Bound Winter Wildness Program. When he returned to base camp after being on the trail for days, his group was greeted with the smell of fresh, warm bread and other wholesome, highly nutritious foods, which helped him to quickly regain his energy. Since then, he has always associated feeling good with eating well.


David, Outward Bound, Mt. Pisgah National Forest, NC, 1984.

David is a trained chef and organic gardener with experience in professional kitchens, catering, and as a personal chef.

His experience in professional kitchens began at age 16 as a dishwasher then progressed to kitchen manager and head cook. The diversity of skills that he obtained working in various stations in the kitchen include pantry, broiler, desserts, salads, breads, saucier, and grill.

As a personal chef and caterer, he has worked with doctors and individuals preparing prescribed diets regarding weight-loss and various medical conditions.

Attending culinary school furthered David’s development in becoming a professional chef. The combination of on-the-job training and culinary education has afforded him the capacity to take on new challenges with confidence. His time in academics has given him invaluable research skills that have furthered his ability to explore special diets and ever-changing culinary trends, which has ultimately broadened his development as a chef.

David at his favorite local restaurant, The Whistlepig Bistro

David at his favorite local restaurant, The Whistlepig Bistro

An advocate of local sustainable foods, he strives to include fresh herbs and vegetables from local farmers’ markets whenever possible.

Lisa Sykes, social media and sustainability

Lisa Sykes

A writer for almost 20 years, Lisa is most comfortable in front of a keyboard. She currently works as a sustainability specialist at Universal Companies, an international distributor for spas and resorts, where her responsibilities include rigorously examining personal care products and working with the company/vendor partners/third party certification organizations on prospective reformulations; writing wellness-related articles and product copy; and managing social media content. She also proudly serves as co-chair of the personal care product committee and advisory council for the Green Spa Network.

Her work has been featured in Day Spa Magazine, Les Nouvelles Esthètiques & Spa, Self Magazine, Spa Business, Spa Magazine, LOHAS Journal, and Organic Spa Magazine.

From her work as a sustainability specialist, Lisa noticed that many of the preservatives used in personal care products were also found in food. This interest led her to study more about food additives and to help increase awareness about the hidden cost of processed foods—bad health.

Lisa has always been interested in cooking, and because she recalls the dark days of the 1990s when vegetarian and vegan options at restaurants were limited to the obligatory iceberg lettuce salad, she empathizes with those who are on specialized diets.

Lastly, a long time advocate for animals, she isn’t ashamed to admit that she once got into a shouting match with a circus owner.  (Some sources even say that it almost came to blows.) And her passion is personal and planetary wellness, which she believes can be largely achieved through a mindful diet.

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