Scott Wilborne breaks things for a living and for fun. His philosophy on food is that he’ll try anything at least a million other people in the world regularly eat without getting sick . . . except tofu. Tofu creeps him out.

Interesting Facts: He has played music for food, fell out of a car on the Interstate, and knows how to pronounce Czolgosz.

Idiosyncrasy: He has none. Scott is perfectly normal in all ways.

Ray Burger is always in search of his next profession until he strikes it rich writing.  He went to law school on a whim but loves carpentry, cooking, and astronomy.  He once remodeled an entire condo by himself because he was bored…for ten months.

Interesting Fact:  Can only remember which floor he parked on in a parking garage if he repeats it to himself in German as he walks to the elevator.

Idiosyncrasy:  Has an unhealthy obsession with cool words like:  precipice, juxtaposition, and proclivity.

Susan Bays has a healthy appetite for writing and an unhealthy love of haiku. Add the fact that she has been eating food most of her life, and she’s uniquely qualified as an Uncanny contributor. Susan is convinced she could live on bread, arugula, beets, goat cheese, homemade granola, Kona coffee, and red wine alone.

Interesting Fact: Susan once interviewed actor Bill Daily (Major Healey on I Dream of Jeannie) for the now defunct Radford News Journal.

Idiosyncrasies: Tireless champion of terrariums, the Oxford comma, and a band that broke up last year.

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